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AbsorbaGel Discharge solidifying agent

Avoid the embarrassment of leaks, noise and odour.

AbsorbaGel is a super absorbent powder contained in a sachet. Simply place one or two sachets in a pouch and you will see that as soon as it comes into contact with fluid, the sachet will dissolve and the powder will then start absorbing the fluid, turning loose pouch contents into a manageable gel. AbsorbaGel makes the use and disposal of pouches simple and perfectly discreet.

Benefits of using AbsorbaGel

  • Helps reduce leaks
  • Gel is easier to dispose of
  • Minimises odours
  • Reduces embarrassing splashing noises
  • Makes pouch contents easier to drain

Available in:

  • Packs of 150 sachets

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AbsorbaGel is available on prescription and can be ordered directly from your stoma pouch supplier.

To obtain Lift Plus on your prescription, ask your GP to add:

AbsorbaGelĀ (1 x 150) sachets Order Code: 9900.

AbsorbaGel can then be ordered from your stoma pouch supplier.