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Blake Beckford’s Fitness Tips For Ostomates

I wanted to share with you a small blog post on top tips to consider when getting yourself back into sports, fitness and being active and having a healthy lifestyle. 

1 – Always speak to a medical professional before you do anything, I met with my stoma nurse and surgeon to get the go ahead that I could do physical exercise again.

2 – Make sure you invest in a decent hernia belt or support garments – they really are fantastic. I wear my hernia belt for all physical exercise and as we all know we are at a higher risk of developing hernias its worth using extra precautions.

3 – Take your time, start off light, I started with yoga and pilates at home and a few walks around the block and built it up from there.

4 – Find something you love doing, I love the freedom of being on my bike and it’s a great way to increase your fitness and stamina. If you love to swim get straight back in the pool, if you like to dance take it back up again and take your time. There really isn’t anything that’s stopping us!

5 – Keep hydrated, I have been dehydrated and it sneaks up fast – make sure you take plenty of drinks with you when exercising (I make my own isotonic drinks that I take with me when doing any exercise).

6 – Have a goal – make sure it’s in a realistic time frame. There is nothing better than working towards something. When I first got back into my fitness my goal was to cycle a particular hill, it sounds ridiculous but the hill was behind my house and after surgery I would look at it every day and think I will tackle that – and I did! And now I am working towards a fitness competition, it keeps me motivated and focused.

7 – Take progress pictures, sounds hilarious but I took pictures every month so I could see how I was doing, it was great to see me slowly getting my confidence back – I could see my smile getting larger and my skin glow more, it kept me feeling like I was achieving something!

8 – Eat regularly – Make sure you have a well balanced diet and eat regularly to keep your energy levels up.

9 – If you’re feeling sluggish or very tired – go to your GP and have your D3 levels and B12 checked. I also take supplements and places like Holland and Barrett do some fantastic ones that also come in a liquid form so much easier to digest! Also take a look at your diet – are you eating enough to keep you going?

10 – Enjoy it – remember it takes time, and to begin with you will feel more exhausted then when you started however you will soon notice you will feel more energetic and confident I know I certainly did!

If you want to hear more from Blake Beckford – Take a look at his website: or follow his progress on Facebook and Twitter:

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Date: 24th October 2014  
Author: Blake Beckford

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