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Testing the Opus products by Rachel Flint

It’s been two years since my life with Winne (my stoma) began. Since then I’ve been through an emotional roller coaster and got used to living a life without the constant pain of ulcerative colitis tearing my life and bowel to shreds. Winnie is now my permanent companion and I’ve never looked back.

But my journey through my first few years hasn’t all been plain sailing and trying to find the right products to keep her happy has been a tough job. Having sensitive skin, prone to eczema, spots and dryness, has caused chaos and it took me over a year to find the right appliance that didn’t leave my skin raw and weeping. So when Opus asked me to give a couple of their products a trial I was apprehensive to move away from the wipes and sprays I knew worked for me and take a leap into the unknown.

But as I only usually stick to the simplest routine of washing and drying my stoma I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try a few new things to see if I could improve my routine. Some of the products I have to admit I was too frightened to try, but I found two that I absolutely loved.

The Lift Plus 360 adhesive remover did exactly what it said on the can – which is unusual and always a pleasant surprise. Unlike my normal remover it only took two sprays to lift my appliance completely away, without leaving the gunky residue behind.

The second product I started using and then didn’t stop until all the samples were gone, was the Lift Plus adhesive remover wipes. If you’ve not used a wipe, but always stuck with a routine of just using a spray, you are missing out. The wipes are so thin and small you can put them in your purse or pocket, carry them on nights out, leave them in your car or even take them on holiday. I always have a supply on me in case of emergencies and take them on planes instead of the sprays.

There are many other products I tried, including in-pouch deodorants, skin cleansers, barrier creams and room sprays, but the wipes were my favourite. And unlike others I tried they were scented – which is always an added bonus.

Date: 6th August 2015  
Author: Rachel Flint

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