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DeoGel Deodorising and Lubricating Gel

Reduces the problems of pancaking and odour.

Pancaking occurs when the front and back of the plastic films that make up a pouch stick together. It prevents waste matter from entering the pouch, which can cause problems often leading to leakage and sore skin.

DeoGel is dual action because the gel has been specially designed to keep the plastic films that form your pouch apart; thus reducing pancaking. The enzyme in DeoGel also actively breaks down odour, helping to eliminate malodour when pouches are changed or emptied. DeoGel is available in a bottle to use at home and sachets when you’re out and about.

Benefits of using DeoGel

  • Enzyme action reduces pouch odour
  • High viscosity gel that reduces pancaking
  • Nozzle allows for simple application to the inside of a pouch

Available in:

  • 200g bottle
  • Pack of 50 sachets

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DeoGel is available on prescription and can be ordered directly from your stoma pouch supplier.

To obtain DeoGel on your prescription, ask your GP to add:

DeoGel (1 x 200gm) bottle Order Code: 2010.

DeoGel (1 x 50) sachets Order Code: 2020.

DeoGel can then be ordered from your stoma pouch supplier.