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Lift Plus 360 Citrus Non-sting Adhesive Remover

Lift Plus 360 Citrus helps to break down the adhesive bonds that the flanges and pouches form with your skin to make their removal simple and less painful.

Presented in a spray, which is ideal for the instant removal of pouches and flanges. Lift Plus 360 uses the latest bag on valve technology so the spray can be applied from any angle (360 degrees), offering greater reliability and is not cold on the skin.

Benefits of using Lift Plus 360 Citrus

  • Reduces pain associated with removing pouches and flanges
  • Will not irritate sore or broken skin
  • Dries instantly and no need to wash the skin
  • A scented product
  • The 360 spray can be applied from any angle (360 degrees), offering greater reliability
  • The removal of the hydrocarbon propellant ensures:
    • - The product is not cold on the skin
      - There's more product in the can
      - Less wastage due to greater product emptying
      - It's more environmentally friendly

Available in:

  • 50ml spray

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Lift Plus 360 Citrus is available on prescription and can be ordered directly from your stoma pouch supplier.

To obtain Lift Plus 360 Citrus on your prescription, ask your GP to add:

Lift Plus 360 Citrus (1 x 50ml) spray Order Code: 5507

Lift Plus 360 Citrus can then be ordered from your stoma pouch supplier.