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Opus Healthcare launches Lift Plus 360 & Lift Plus 360 Citrus stoma care products for ostomy users

Opus Healthcare, a division of Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd, has launched Lift Plus 360 and Lift Plus 360 Citrus, the latest non-sting adhesive removers. Using the latest bag on valve technology, Lift Plus 360 and Lift Plus 360 Citrus are a highly effective range of medical adhesive removers that reduce the pain associated with the removal of stoma pouch adhesives. The new sprays can be applied from any angle (360°) offering greater efficiency for the user.

The new range is an upgrade from Opus’s previous product, the Lift Plus and Lift Plus Citrus. By removing the hydrocarbon propellant to create Lift Plus 360 and Lift Plus 360 Citrus, the product is no longer cold on the skin. It is also more environmentally friendly as the removal ensures less wastage due to greater product emptying.

The product is presented in a spray, which is ideal for the instant removal of pouches and flanges.

There are also Lift Plus Citrus wipes available, containing aloe vera, which can be used to remove any sticky residues left on the skin around a stoma.

Other benefits of using Lift Plus 360 and Lift Plus 360 Citrus include:

  • Reducing the pain associated with removing pouches and flanges.
  • It will not irritate sore or broken skin.
  • Dries instantly and no need to wash the skin.
Date: 21st May 2015  
Author: Opus Healthcare

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