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The Most Wonderful Time ...

Ah Christmas, The most wonderful time of year! Spending time with loved ones, sharing gifts with family and friends and curling up in front of the fire with an endless hoard of food and snacks!

I make no excuses when it comes to festive feasting. Whether it’s relaxing with friends gathered around a cheese board with a glass or two of port, the main event on Christmas Day or the annual Boxing Day Buffet, I will eat everything in sight. Everything.

With an ileostomy, however, that can sometimes prove tricky. With all that food in my grasp It’s inevitable I will overindulge. For me, the selection of nuts, sweet treats and party food December brings, is impossible to resist.

Personally, I see no reason why an Ileostomy should stop you enjoying the festivities as much as everyone else. Yes, there are certain things that may not fully agree with these bodies of ours but if we take things easy and avoid the items of food that we know could trip us up, then we’ll be fine.

9 times out of 10 everything will be fine and dandy. My body will process the extra intake just fine and get on with things as usual. Sometimes though there can be the odd hiccup. With all that extra food, blockages will sometimes occur or fatigue will set in. There’s not a great deal to be done about this really – Yes I could say no a second (or third) helping of dessert, or avoid parsnips like the plague but Christmas is the one time of year where we should be free to eat whatever we like without caring, and I for one, take this philosophy fully on board. Just know your limits and listen to your body and you’ll be just fine.

Naturally, alongside that festive feasting, there’s usually a tipple or two to go with it. Everyone should exercise caution and sense when drinking alcohol, but when living with a stoma, it’s vital you ensure you are fully hydrated. I make sure I drink a few glasses of water whilst drinking to ensure my body has the hydration it needs, and again before I go to bed. Not only will this help your body replace the vital fluids it needs for digestion, it will also help prevent that festive hangover!

So, with that said, go and enjoy the festive feasts and fun!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Cheers, Luke

Job Number: AL/2425/12.16/0.001  
Date: 22nd December 2016  
Author: Luke

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