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SkinSafe Non-sting Protective Film

Protect your skin by preventing painful stinging.

SkinSafe forms a barrier between the skin around the stoma and the adhesives incorporated into flanges and pouches. It will not sting on application and the barrier it forms helps prevent skin damage such as skin stripping. SkinSafe also guards against harmful body fluids.

SkinSafe is available as a handy spray or disposable wipe.

Benefits of using SkinSafe

  • Highly effective barrier to protect peristomal skin
  • Does not sting on application
  • Protects against body fluids and adhesives

Available in:

  • 50ml spray
  • Pack of 50 sachets

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SkinSafe is available on prescription and can be ordered directly from your stoma pouch supplier.

A sample of SkinSafe can be requested by either following the link below or if you prefer call: 0800 458 7605.

patient sample request

To obtain SkinSafe on your prescription, ask your GP to add:

SkinSafe (1 x 50) wipes Order Code: 6600.

SkinSafe (1 x 50ml) spray Order Code: 6601.

SkinSafe can then be ordered from your stoma pouch supplier.